Friday, 19 June 2015


I recently read an article called 'why 'perfect' sucks' by Anna Hart for Glamour magazine. This article was one of the most revealing and meaningful articles I believe I have ever read. Ever since I was little I pushed for perfection, from the strong need for lots of friends (and okay, being the leader too) in primary school, to the never ending competitive needs in high school.
Perfection seems to be the goal that society pushes you towards from a young age; society doesn't want you to just try your best, it wants you to try to be THE best, and that makes all the difference.  I have come to realise that, as Anna Hart so bluntly put it, 'perfectionism doesn't make us perfect; it makes us miserable. High standards have a high price'. And so maybe perfectionism isn't perfect either, and maybe it leads us further away from true happiness. Perfectionism actually often leads us to feeling deprived of something, us perfectionists have half empty cups and not half full ones. And if and when our cup gets slowly filled up we also mentally increase the size of our cup, pushing the boundaries further. Having passion and striving for goals is in no way a bad thing but it can very quickly become one.