Thursday, 25 June 2015

10 days of Protein World...

Protein World. By now everyone has most likely heard of it as a brand (mainly because of that whole 'bikini body' scandal that I won't even bother wasting energy on), and more specifically their bestselling product the 'Slender blend'.
From the offset I would just like to state that this post is not sponsored in any way; I purchased this of my own free will (yep still exists even these days).
I didn't buy the slender blend to lose weight although the packaging and accompanying guide would suggest weight loss as being the protein's main objective which I am unable to accurately comment on.
Mainly I just wanted a protein shake to accompany me on my journeys; I have never used any supplements before however after a couple of frustrating hours of research I settled for this one. 
Upon arrival of my much desired protein I read the weight loss guide that comes with it. The guide seems simple enough to follow with the bare minimum of knowledge included for your first step towards losing weight. The weight loss guide suggests swapping two meals a day with shakes. I decided to adapt this to my own goals (okay maybe with the help of my boyfriend who may have become some sort of PT... Let's hope he thinks that's a good thing haha). So for the past 10 days I have been waking up and having a piece of fruit (normally a banana) followed by my shake, which I sip at rather than downing it in one go. The main reason for not downing the shake in one go is because I am the self-proclaimed queen of snacking, so rather than reaching for a sneaky biscuit or whatever else I can find, I reach for my shake which keeps me full until lunchtime. I then have lunch and dinner as normal. On the days I go to the gym I also drink about 200ml beforehand, followed by a full shake afterwards. (Please bare in mind that this is a personal plan which has been created to suit my own personal goals and needs and is merely here to give you an idea of how the shake has helped me).
Firstly, I must say, the slender blend tastes AMAZING. I mix mine with half water and half unsweetened almond milk and it tastes just like a vanilla milkshake, which in turn satisfies my sweet tooth, win-win (if only for a while). The shake as I said keeps me full until lunchtime which helps avoid any unwanted snacking! I have also noticed that although it keeps me full I never feel bloated which really is as good as something that tastes like a milkshake can get to be honest.
I have been using the shakes for 10 days now and am really pleased with the results. I am not sure whether I am imagining that it has slightly trimmed down my legs but I definitely feel that it has helped my stomach, either by aiding the toning or by stripping down that smidge of excess fat, or both! 
It is also a great meal replacement (I feel as if I have had a good filling breakfast everyday) and definitely revives me after my workout... Although that could simply be due to that gorgeous vanilla blend...

All in all, the slender blend is definitely helping me towards the goals that I am seeking to achieve. My results obviously aren't massive due to not following the guide but to say I am pleased with the slender blend is definitely an understatement...