Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Body positivism

Every body is beautiful. How often do you hear these words nowadays? You never HEAR them, you read them. You read them on positive blog posts, on facebook, on twitter, and you see them thrown around the internet almost as a way of proving some sort of acceptance. This doesn’t just happen with bodies, it happens with everything because on the internet it’s just as easy to love something and everything, as it is to hate that same thing.

I think that body positivism shouldn’t stem from other people, it should primarily be about yourself and your own. Your acceptance should start at your own body because at the end of the day you are the one that has to live with you for the rest of your life so do you really have a choice??
To start at your own body ‘loving’ makes things harder when you have no idea how to go about it… If you are used to looking at other people’s bodies and wishing yours was like theirs you may not truly realise what your own body means to you.
The first thing that I did was embrace, and most of all, accept, my own body for what it is. I looked at myself in the mirror and if I didn’t like something that I saw in my reflection I made a decision to either help myself rather than complain, or simply accept that part of my body for what it is. So it can start as simply accepting small things like an odd placed mole or a spot of cellulite that you previously couldn’t bare to look at, or deciding to get fit and tone up because that’s  what you want to do and doing it will make you happy. Accepting your body is a key part to happiness in my opinion as self-loathing is the first step down the road to self-destruction.
Once you can accept, and hopefully, love your body, happiness will be a lot more natural and should mean that you’re comfortable in your own skin and body. It doesn’t mean that you should judge other people’s bodies or even if you do that you should voice your opinions. Promoting health and happiness is one thing but demeaning and hurting others is a complete other thing and reveals, in my opinion, a personal self doubt. You should be able to be happy for others in their fitness journeys or even just their current state. If they are close to you you can choose to help them if you feel like you can and they would appreciate it but if you are looking at complete strangers and attempting to demean them on social media, either publicly or privately, you need to re-evaluate your situation and perhaps your whole outlook on life. The truth is that you will not love every body as a personal goal. You may love a body type, and aim for it and see another as representing something that you wouldn’t aim for but you couldn’t possibly lie to yourself and say that no matter what body you have right now, you could wake up the next morning with a completely different body and still be happy because self-appreciation and love is a journey and you are on this journey from the minute you were aware of the pressure to look good and dress this way and not do this or that. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though you may have an ultimate body goal (mine is Candice Swanepoel) you do not have a right to demean every other body type. I would never dream of insulting the other billions of people on this planet that don’t have Candice’s body because it couldn’t possibly get me any closer to my goals, or anywhere for that matter. And just because I have body goals does not mean that I should not appreciate my own body or love the fact that I have scarred knees because I was clumsy as a child (okay I still am…).

For me, body positivism is spreading positive messages about bodies. Whether that be literally someone’s body, or just about people in general. If you are proud of your journey (fitness or simply your life) then why not share it with others? That doesn’t make you an attention seeker and it certainly doesn’t mean that you think you’re better than other people. Praise things and be happy about things. If you see a body you don’t like, if someone you follow posts a picture and you think they wear too much makeup, not enough clothes or are too ‘toned’ for your liking then fine. But don’t share that with them because it’s a personal opinion. Instead when you love someone’s abs, their makeup or their clothes then tell them; a few kind words can make someone’s day.

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