Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Why it's okay to eat what you want

Let's talk about that famous saying first; 'you are what you eat'.
I bet you heard that at least once during your childhood and I bet you have thought at least once that maybe life as a pizza wouldn't be too bad... (I'm now contemplating life as a pizza myself)
The truth is that although this expression is often used as a halfhearted attempt to tell people to be healthy buried under that patronising tone there IS an actual, tangible, element of truth; let me explain.
'PizzArtwork 'by Petti Leaf

Food is, of course, a big part of life. Every single living being requires nutrition of some sort. The problem is that food has become a massive part of society. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, there will be a food advert, a restaurant, a smell... Food is all around us and we are unable to ignore it as more than a simple necessity.
As part of a healthy lifestyle you are encouraged to eat clean, non processed foods whilst steering clear of 'dirty' and 'bad' food (when did pizza ever become bad??).
The complete lack of a certain food can leave you with feelings you didn't know you could have in relation to food; we have personified food to a certain extent. We eat when we're happy, we eat when we're sad. If we don't have our weekly donut/pizza/cookie we feel deprived and if we haven't had our weekly bar of chocolate we feel hungry and empty. So the complete removal of these so called 'bad foods' can leave us feeling dejected and can sometimes lead to further problems if we start convincing ourselves that certain things should be avoided at all cost. This sense of guilt, followed by disgust at certain foods, although sometimes warranted, can sometimes be the tip of the iceberg into feeling negative about various different foods that aren't necessarily bad for us and can potentially lead to eating disorders. This happened to me with pasta; I convinced myself that any pasta should be avoided at all costs, prided myself in the fact that I hadn't bought pasta at all in over a year and felt extremely guilty whenever I ate any. It isn't healthy to become this obsessive over food if your goal is to simply be healthy and happy.
If you want to be healthy, toned and happy simply eat in moderation! Eat good whole foods, prioritise vegetables, avoid eating 'cheats' every day but if you fancy pizza on Thursday you go for it!
At this point I would like to clarify that this is of course dependant on individuals' goals; if you are training for a bodybuilding/ bikini fitness competition you will need to be a lot stricter. This brings us back to the initial idea of being what you eat; eating sensibly will help you get a healthy body, a healthy mind and especially maintain a healthy relationship with food.
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Being healthy isn't just about how we eat, it is a variety of things that should help us be happy aswell. If your relationship with food is making you unhappy then it's time to make some changes!

Stay healthy :-) xx

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