Sunday, 3 April 2016

Living la vida coco

You have no doubt seen a lot on them, and seen them presented in a variety of different ways; coconut water, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut flour, coconut scented lotions... The list goes on and the coconut themed things just keep on coming!

You may think that coconuts are just the 'in' thing at the moment; coconuts are definitely having a moment but in all honesty they are here to stay. I have come to the coconclusion (too far?) that coconuts are, in fact, the god of all fruits (or nuts or seeds depending on who you talk to). To be specific, coconut oil is my holy grail in every aspect of life!
I for one did believe that coconuts are a fad AND, to make matters worse, I hate(d) coconuts; I don't appreciate the smell, I don't like anything coconut flavoured (Bounty bars are my worse nightmare, as well as anything sprinkled in coconut shavings). But I went out and I bought a little carton of coconut water (based on it being good for you) and I gagged. I can't stand the taste or the texture of it and I feel like there are just as many people that feel this way as there are people that adore coconut water.

So today, I am going to set out for you why coconut oil is just as amazing for people that dislike coconut as it is for people that do in fact like it (my only question is how??).
According to some prior research on coconut oil it has this specific and cool (I won't bore you with the details) super chain of fatty acids that helps heal various bits and pieces so, without further ado, here are my top coconut oil uses;

- Cooking, obviously.
Now you may be wondering how I can use coconut oil for cooking when I have told you that I don't like the taste. First of all, I couldn't handle it, I tried and tried to use it but everytime I took a mouthful of the food cooked in it I regretted going for the healthier option. My first jar of coconut oil was refined and I believe, although don't quote me on this, that they had added flavouring in order to intensify the smell/ taste. Since that first bad experience I have only bought virgin coconut oil as it tends to have a more subtle taste and smell, and is of course better for you as it is completely natural. Now I can happily munch into my fried veggies without tasting coconut; result!

- Moisturising
It's true! You wouldn't rub butter over your body, nor olive oil or any other type of vegetable oil. Firstly would that even work, secondly it would probably make you gag. This is how coconut oil, once again, triumphs over the rest. As it comes solidified in a jar it's relatively easy to scoop out of said jar and rub onto your body without making you smell awful and it doesn't make you any greasier than using your average moisturiser. In fact, coconut oil is the BEST moisturiser that I have ever used; I pop some on before I go to bed and let it work its magic overnight. Got a part of your body that always seems scaly/ rough no matter what you do to it? Try coconut oil, it really is a god send; it will make your skin silky smooth. I have also started using it on my jawline as I seem to get small red dry patches and it seems to be clearing that up aswell.

- Spots
Really, truly, honestly. Here is for the gross part; I had a horrible spot on my forehead that wasn't too big but was so so red and stood out like well, a red dot. Every time it started healing I would pick the scab back off (stupid, very stupid), then put makeup on to cover the redness, then the whole process started again. So I tried coconut oil; within three days of blobbing it on every night my spot had healed up! Every time I get a little blob or spot now I just put a bit of coconut oil on in order to heal it up.

- Any type of scabs, wound etc
As with spots, coconut oil is just as good for healing any type of wound. I haven't specifically tested this on anything but my scab however the fatty chain principle thingy works in the same way AND coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal meaning it will, at the very least, keep your skin nice and bacteria free! PLUS, as it has these properties it is good for any skin infections as it helps keep the area clean and fresh.

- Hair
There are lots of recipes for various coconut oil hair masks on the internet but if you really cannot be bothered with concocting your own (I tried a honey and coconut oil mask once, too much effort) then just rub the coconut oil directly onto your hair tips or any majorly dry areas. I would however try to avoid covering the full length of your hair in it and/ or your roots as, being an oil, it can quickly make your hair oily instead.

Recently I have also been thinking that if  coconut oil can produce such amazing results on the outside of your body, surely the same can be achieved on the inside, not as liberally as when I bathe my whole body in it of course... As with everything, there are pros and cons and people for it and against it but I am personally planning on trying the 'teaspoon a day' especially as I suffer from bad, and random, stomach cramps. Hopefully it will work, I just need to bring myself to popping a whole teaspoon in my mouth...

* Disclaimer: Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that coconut oil will solve all of your problems; many have tried salvaging bank accounts, life situations and relationships with coconut oil and it does not seem to extend its powers to these areas, Maybe it's time for a Supercoco?

Anyway, let me know if you jump on/ are already on the cocomotive express!
Ellen xx

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